• Build 21st century career skills.

    Sponsored by the USYD Job Smart Program!

  • Australia graduates over 320,000 students per year, employers are demanding more and more, what can you do to set yourself apart from your peers? Academics, extra-curricular activities, university project work will be on every resume or application flooding the bank's, tech giant's or consultancy firm's inboxes.


    QLC.io and the USYD Business School Job Smart program is giving you the chance to spend 6 weeks working intimately with an innovative tech start-up in Asia, in the comfort of a cafe, the train ride home or where ever your laptop takes you.


  • What you will bring to your future employer

    An unique experience to add to your personal portfolio

    Business digital skills

    Learn the most relevant industry techniques, practises and tricks to work on a digital project in business development, data analytics & digital marketing.

    Cultural competence

    Learn to work in a global environment, working alongside different cultures, timezones and markets using cloud based tools such as slack, google drive & zoom.

    Innovation & problem solving skills

    A story to share in your next interview or resume about the time you worked closely with an innovative business solving big problems and trying to change the world.

  • What past students have said

    Zena on working on a global project

    Media Student

    "The challenge of creating inbound marketing strategies for a totally unfamiliar demographic in a foreign country was both daunting and exciting. During the 6 weeks time, there were no constraints on our design thinking process. I successfully collaborated with my team to produce an innovative marketing plan.  I would say connecting with like-minded individuals is the most valuable takeaway."

    Kevin on trying data analytics

    International Business Student

    "I wanted to learn and experience the real business problems that companies face and help to solve them. Through my data analytics project, I was able to really look deep into a pool of data and extract key information that shaped the business’s marketing strategy - I’ve since signed up for other data analytics courses for further personal development."

    Tina on working with a startup

    Commerce Student

    "It's not easy and no-one is going to do everything for you, nor do you have all the skills necessary to run everything yourself. Breaking down the problem for our startup, we were able to model an innovative marketing strategy and we were happy that we're able to help create value in such a short time in a role and industry we started off unfamiliar with."

    Interested to know more about the projects other students have participated in?

  • Application deadline 23 June 2017.

    Sponsored spots available for Job Smart Phase 2 & 3 Candidates.

  • What's QLC.io?

    Only 5% of us choose the right career the first time around.


    University is the time for you to experiment with your options and find what works for you.


    QLC.io lets you explore alternative career and lifestyle experiences. But don’t fret and panic about dropping everything just yet. We help you make the small steps and turn them into big strides. Use our projects to try something different. Something more suited to your interests, goals and personal pursuits.

  • FAQs

    Does this program cost me anything?

    The business school will be sponsoring the program cost per student, the only cost for you is your creativity, open mind and appetite to learn.


    How do I work on a project from Asia or Europe when I'm not there?

    Projects are remote and location agnostic. We teach you how to use modern digital tools such as Slack and Google Hangouts to stay connected and productive. This has helped our participants work from anywhere in the world - armed with their laptop and good wifi!

    I’m currently studying full time, will I be able to fit this in?

    Yes! Projects are designed for busy people with existing full time commitments like studying or working full time. Expect to spend 5-8 hours per week learning, interacting with your team and applying it to your project! You will have 1 fixed online meeting time per week, but the rest will be in your own time.

    Do you have projects relevant to my degree?

    This is not a traditional internship. Projects are designed around the digital skills needed by the most in-demand modern careers - digital marketing, data analytics and business development. These are also some of the biggest skills gaps at companies today.


    Aspiring accountants are being armed with data visualisation tools, lawyers are becoming digital ready. You will develop skills for the future that can increasingly be applied cross-discipline.

    What type of people will I be working with?

    Your Project Mentor/s are the hosts of your project and will be the subject matter experts behind what you are building. They could be the founders of exciting companies bringing innovative solutions to life, or heads of departments at fast growing tech companies. Some projects will also be in a small team of 2-5 students from different universities, just as passionate about this as you.


    How are candidates selected?

    Student applications are reviewed based on the alacrity and ambition to work on a certain project. The best candidates are extremely passionate about the problem their project is solving and the impact they can create with their solution. Tell us about that story in your application.


    Job Smart and graduates will be given priority to ensure they are well equiped for the workforce.

    Do I need experience?

    Experience can be useful but is not essential. Just-in-time learning works just as well. This is not a regular internship. You will be challenged to help small companies solving big problems who may be fighting against the odds to grow. Bring your creativity and determination.

    How many projects can I apply for?

    As many as you would like! We encourage you to apply for a few projects which interest you to increase your participation odds. We have new projects popping up every month, so check back for new projects with new start dates!

    What does this mean for my career?

    Students who successfully complete a project will be sent a digital certificate they can share onto their LinkedIn profile. Many of our Project Mentors have also provided amazing LinkedIn references upon completion.


    You will have digital skills crafted, a new web of like-minded peers and a kick ass story to tell future employers.

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  • "This will help people overcome their quarter life crisis by giving them an option to try out new roles and jobs part-time without having to quit their current jobs."

    "The projects give millennials a chance to deliver value to an early stage business whose vision they feel aligned with."

    "This will help the startup achieve its vision of there being a way for universities to provide high quality, real-world experiences for its students by 2020."